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    • 1

      What can be classier then two dozen of the same color roses arranged in a vase. When flowers are cut shorter, they tend to last longer. So, this beautiful bouquet of "Forever Young" red roses does not lack longevity. Small Size would have dozen, medium two dozen, large three dozen of red roses.


      • $110  $170  $230

    • 2

      Keep it modern and simple for cosmopolitan chic. Variegated spring tulips in a square vase will become a conversation piece at any event. Cube vases give a cool, modular look to any flowers. Arrangements shown on the picture has 50 stems and 4X4 square vase, it is of medium size.


      • $85  $140  $230

    • 3

      A curated selection of vibrant red tulips, arranged with a contemporary touch of modern loops for a sophisticated statement. Perfect for expressing love and passion, these blooms add a dash of romance to any space, crating Ann unforgettable gesture straight from your heart. Pictured is of medium size.


      • $85  $160  $230

    • 4

      This striking bouquet of different color classic roses, garden roses, cymbidium orchids, freesias and fancy tropical greens is a perfect expression of love and passion. Bouquet shown is of medium size.


      • $95  $160  $230

    • 5

      Rich colors of burgundy, hot pink and plum are contrasted with greens in this beautiful spray. Green glass vase complements green accents of the flowers. We used large blooms of proteas, calla lilies, freesias, sprays of pink Bavaria, roses, green carns, Braziliana and framed the arrangement with salal leaves.


      • $85  $145  $230

    • 6

      Sweet and serene colors of pink, lime green and white. This arrangement has delicate blooms of ranunculus, hydrangeas, garden roses, mini calla lilies, and pink cymbidiums. Arrangement pictured is of medium size.


      • $95  $160  $230

    • 7

      Similar in shape to the previous arrangement, this bouquet presents a very different color combination of purple Victoria, white Avalanche roses, white freesia, green cymbidium orchids, purple lilac and white Stars of Bethlehem. Fragrance from most of the flowers is a signature of this bouquet.


      • $85  $160  $230

    • 8

      Very summery, fun and cheerful bouquet of yellows, oranges and peaches. We used tropical pin cushion proteas, green broccoli hydrangeas, umbrella ferns, roses, safflowers and other foliage. Very long lasting especially during fall when some flowers can be substituted with autumn berries and fruit (please specify).


      • $75  $120  $190

    • 9

      While embracing the spring spirit, this arrangement breaks away from traditional flowers and greens, offering a refreshing and elegant alternative. It is perfect for as a thoughtful gift, appreciation of love, friendship or celebration of special occasion during the festive season.


      • $75  $140  $250

    • 10

      Very fresh look of white and green combination of hydrangeas, roses, freesias, berries, dianthus and cymbidium orchids. Arrangement pictured is of medium size.


      • $75  $120  $180

    • 11

      What can be classier than white and peach roses arranged in a vase. When flowers are cut shorter, they tend to last longer. So, this beautiful bouquet of pink and cream roses does not lack longevity. You can specify the color combination of the roses. Small arrangement has one doz, medium has two dozen and large has three dozen.


      • $85  $170  $230

    • 12

      The most popular choice. This bouquet is our signature piece. Amazing dark burgundy calla lilies from New Zealand with green celosia. This floral arrangement can be delivered in different sizes, square or rounded vase.


      • $110  $170  $230

    • 13

      These blossoms, with their bold and cheerful hues, embody the essence of a sun-soaked summer day. Interspersed among the vibrant blooms are sprigs of fragrant lavender or delicate wildflowers, paying homage to the season’s natural beauty and scents.


      • $65  $130  $185

    • 14

      Interspersed among the sunflowers are clusters of delicate camomile daisies, their pristine white petals contrasting beautifully with the sunflowers' bold hues. The camomile adds an air of purity and innocence to the arrangement, reminiscent of a meadow kissed by the sun.


      • $85  $175  $250

    • 15

      Sunflower is an annual plant native to the Americas. It possesses a large inflorescence (flowering head), and its name is derived from the flower’s shape and image, which is often used to depict the sun.


      • $75  $120  $180

    • 22

      Vibrant orchids of hot pink color set in a stylish green ceramic pot and decorated by branches of pussy willow, which is often given as a symbol of friendship.


      • $95  $145  $205

    • 23

      Pure and long-lasting, this lovely white phalaenopsis orchid is complemented beautifully by different colored moss. Container on this orchid may vary.


      • $75  $120  $180

    • 24

      Orchids have always been a great gift for any occasion. Phalionopsis orchids are plants for beginners and are very easy to take off. When ordering those, please specify the color of the orchid and the pot you would like us to arrange it in. Medium size order will have two plants in one pot, large order will have three.


      • $65  $115  $180

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    All our arrangements shown in a medium size.

    Our basic delivery charge is $15.00 anywhere within San Francisco. We do deliver the same day but at least a day in advance notice is always appreciated. If you would like to specify time for delivery, please expect additional charge of $5.00. We do deliver Saturdays and Sundays.

    We accept Visa and Master Card either on line or over the phone, but are always happy to see you at our store in Noe Valley.

    Arrangements on the website are samples of our work only and represent the basic color combinations. Although specific varieties of flowers are defined in the description, we do reserve the right to make substitutions whenever market conditions affect flower availability, but will maintain the integrity of the proposed color scheme and will use flowers of equivalent value.

    The most talented work I have ever seen. Your glamorous, unbelievably beautiful and extravagant arrangements were the topic of many conversations at the party. Cannot wait to work with you again.

    — Larry Fox, San Francisco